ScubaBoard Members Love Their TRILOBITES


We’ve been collecting great feedback from ScubaBoard members who use a TRILOBITE as one of their underwater emergency cutting tools.

This knife fits securely on my harness. I bought the flex mount version. It sits snuggly where placed and I barely notice its there. If needed it would be very easy to deploy. Tested it on some cave line and it sliced thru with ease. I will be getting another one to attach to my wrist computer.

Brandon | 12/23/13

The Trilobite Line Cutter is a light weight pocket tool that is easy to carry and performs flawlessly. Can tackle heavy fishing line with ease, and you don’t have to worry about cutting yourself as the blade is protected.

carl martin | 10/22/13

Just picked one of these up. Tried it out on he surface. It slices, it dices, it cuts though just about anything with easy, and it it less risky to use around your drysuit, bcd etc. All in all a well thought out safety/utility tool.

Christopher Dengler | 8/28/13

this is a good knife. although i haven’t used this yet, but the sharpness of the knife seems very good. Great service from DRIS as always.

Daniel Poh | 8/25/13

this is a good backup knife. although i haven’t used this aleardy,but the sharp seems very good.

Great service from DRIS as always.

JUNNAN ZHOU | 8/21/13

Great product, I use it as a backup to my knife. Ive only used it in fresh water and I like that it came with extra blades. Great service from DRIS as always.

Zach Rogers | 6/5/13

I was looking fro a line cutter as an alternative to the one I presently own. The fact that EESYCUT has replacable blades is what origionally attracted me. This cutter works great. We dive some wrecks spear fishing th\at have nets and fishingline everywhere so a line cutter is imeretative! The EEZYCUT fits on my BPW perfactly accessable with either hand. Te replacable blades are great as 95% of our diving is in salt water other cutters we have tried dont last very long due to salt water eating the blades up! This cutter has a great design and double the cutting since it is dual edged. Very safe and easy to use even with 7mm gloves on. Again DRIS hit a homerun with the price and shipping. Great communication and very fast processing and shipping times!

Steven Bieberbach | 5/19/13

Great little knife, I use mine as a back up. well constructed and love the fact that it comes with replacement razors. simple and easy to use in confined environments.

great experience dealing with DRIS. they didn’t have the color I order and they immediately contacted me to see if I wanted to wait for the color I ordered or if I wanted a new color. I selected a new color right away and my order never got delayed

Sebastian Usquiano | 5/15/13

I simply can not describe how good this cutter is. just take a look at some of the promotional videos for it and its pretty much what you can do with it. this makes a great line cutter especially for overhead diving. they are small so you can put them almost ant where. I having 2 of these as back ups carefully placed where you can get to them. the blades have yet to rust while i dive mostly salt water.

Eduardo Lobaina | 5/3/13

great service, super fast, and they even contacted me AFTER I had checked out to let me know they had a faster/cheaper shipping option! Top notch!

the tribolite is an awesome little cutting device, we have a ton of them, can’t get enough! I have one on every set of gear I own (sidemount, rebreather, backplate/harness) as well as all of my wife’s gear (she LOVES the pink tribolites), and on the straps of all of our computers. We highly recommend this product, and certainly buying from DRIS!

Jonathan Kieren | 4/11/13

This is the perfect backup cutter for redundancy with little cost in bulk or price. If course DRIS prices are the best that I’ve seen – even the glow in the dark version is the same low price. Thanks again DRIS.

Douglas Boyce | 4/10/13

This is a great product. It cuts through 2 inch webbing like a hot knife through butter and with it’s replaceable blades it should be a permanent member of my gear. DRIS service was stellar as usual. I highly recommend!!

stephen smith | 3/12/13

I love these, replaced all my crappy old line cutters with them. Watch the youtube video demo, they are surprisingly… cutty! No really, go watch the video!

Guil Barros | 1/8/13

This little line cutter is just perfect for traveling. It’s easy to pack and worry free with regards to any security issues. It is very well made and very sharp. Getting the extra blade is a bonus. It’s a must have in case of entanglements. The service from DRIS was great.

Beth Appelt | 12/27/12

This is a very nice cutter.

Stays sharp and takes up very little space on the harness.

The flip side of that is that there isn’t a lot of cutting surface. It is a specialty tool for cutting line, net, mono-filament etc. but for that purpose it is hard to beat for performance or price!

Quinn Smith | 11/18/12

Really nice cutter. I bought it to deal with firewire spyderwire fishing line. This device cuts through it with ease. The replaceable blade is also one of the best features. My first impression is that it is much smaller than I imagined. It ends up being about half the size of a pair of shears. The fabric loop attached to the device (as seen in the pictures above) folds and velcros to the cordura sheath. This is an excellent stowing device.

Jack Lund | 11/1/12

This is a well-built and really sharp line cutter! It is built quite sturdy, yet it is lightweight and very small compared to a knife or sheers. There are obviously some things that you won’t be able cut due to it’s design (zip ties on your regulator mouth piece, for example) – but it will be the first tool I turn to underwater should I need to cut some lines. The blades look like they should last a while but I’m not quite sure how long each will last. I’m guessing many months of diving per blade in freshwater!

Bob Dankert | 10/18/12

Compact, durable, and most of all SHARP! Forget being tanglled up in anything every again, this line cutter will cut anything you can fit into its mouth. Perfect for EVERY diver. Showed up fast and the extra blades just make it that much better.

Mitchael Pingrey | 5/21/12

I was very skeptical initially, but after playing with my dive buddy’s own eezycut, I was sold. That thing really cuts through any type of line in a breeze, and is very convenient to use and attach to you harness.

Jerome Martin | 5/4/12

Disclaimer: I have not had a chance to actually use the Trilobite while diving. With that being said…

This little cutter screams quality. I got one that is orange on one side and black on the other with orange Velcro strips . I like this color combo as it will make it easier to spot on my harness or if I accidentally drop it. The handle is a very durable feeling plastic and the sheath appears to be very nicely made. It’s really heavy resin reinforced nylon just like a HOG harness. The only negative I can see with it is that there is still enough room to get a finger to the blade, so watch those digits. However, it is still much safer than an open blade knife. The size and utility of this thing make it outstanding. I might get a second one for camping/hiking/boating applications.

DRIS was out of the all black one, but they kept in very good contact with me and asked if I was OK with the orange one before shipping it out. I am happy with their service!

Brian Shaeffer | 12/7/11

This is an amazing piece of equipment that should have a place on everyones rig! Small, light, sharp and works great! I was surprised at how small this thing really was. Great for all divers! Even comes with extra blades! I personally would highly recommend this piece for anyone. With DRIS outstanding customer support and fast delivery you have no worries! Thanks DRIS for delivering another quality product!

Adam Armstrong | 6/1/11

I like this little line cutter. The blades are incredibly sharp, and it cuts through a variety of materials very easy. I also like the fact that it is a pretty easy task to replace blades. I want to use it on a few more dives to see how long the blades will last. Also, the thing is even smaller than I thought it would be. I did not realize how small it was until I got my order. However, that means it is easier to take along on a dive as it will literally pack anywhere. Thanks again to DRIS for carrying such great products!

Keith Fillinger | 5/12/11

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