Review from Public Safety Divers & Water Rescue Personnel

We received this great feedback from Public Safety Divers who use the TRILOBITE emergency cutting tool:

As Public Safety Divers and Water Rescue Personnel, we equip ourselves with multiple cutting tools.  We do so for a number of reasons.  First, if we become entangled or are unable to reach our desired cutting tool, having redundancy in strategic locations is not only a safety measure but increases our odds for a successful mission.  Second, while each tool is capable of cutting, they all have strengths and weaknesses.  For example, medic shears can cut through material other tools may struggle with.  A blunt tip knife can double as a prying device.  And a knife with a point allows us to penetrate or puncture.  However, along with that comes potential dangers.  That’s where the EEZY CUT comes in.

The EEZY CUT is a tool that should be on EVERY PFD and BCD.  The EEZY CUT offers tremendous cutting ability while lowering the risk.  As divers, we find ourselves sharing the same water as fishermen and we may happen upon fishing line or nets.  The EEZY CUT is a perfect tool for mitigating those hazards both to divers and marine life.  And if a diver or aquatic animal are entangled, the EEZY CUT is the safest choice for removing those materials.

When performing a live rescue, the EEZY CUT is our first choice as it easily cuts through rope, net, webbing, seat belts and clothing.  With the blades shielded the risk to both the Rescuer and panicked Victim are lowered.

A few months ago, our team was working an inboard powerboat race on the East Coast and responded to a bad wreck in the Pro Stock class.  Pro Stocks have flat bottoms with no escape hatch, are powered by a 500 cubic inch engine and are capable of reaching record speeds of 137 mph.  This particular Pro Stock heat involved a single craft exiting the turn and throttling up preparing to enter the straight–away when it lost control, cartwheeled and smashed into pieces.  Our Rescue Personnel were deployed.  Due to the mechanism of injury, immediate C–Spine precautions were taken and ABC’s were evaluated in water.  While still in the water, the racer was placed on a longboard and into a stokes basket before being loaded into one of our rescue boats for transport to an awaiting ambulance.  While in the boat, a rapid trauma assessment and a field neurological assessment were performed.  Upon reaching shore the injured racer was being transferred to the care of the shore based EMS crew when he went into cardiac arrest.  Without missing a step one of our team members reached for his EEZY CUT.  This was the first time the EEZY CUT was used to cut through the racing suit which consists of a fire retardant, rip resistant suit has built in flotation and is designed to take abuse.  The EEZY CUT made easy work of the suit cutting through the suit like butter.  It even cut through the teeth of the zipper.  Exposing the chest for the paramedics quickly was important so the AED and heart monitor could be applied.  With the EEZY CUT, this task only took seconds to complete.  The paramedics immediately began CPR and the joint effort of our team working with the shore based EMS had a positive outcome.  The quick teamwork resulted in the revival of the racer at the scene who has since made a full recovery.   With all of the simultaneous actions and hands everywhere, the EEZY CUT was the perfect tool of choice reducing the injury to Rescuers while performing when seconds counted.  The EEZY CUT played a part in that life–saving team.

As Firefighters and Medics, we also carry the EEZY CUT while performing  rescue duties.

Team members have commented on how remarkable it was with the amount of time we spend in the water that the blades have not shown rust.

Thank you.

Region 4 Rescue

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