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ScubaBoard Members Love Their TRILOBITES

ScubaBoard members share their review of the TRILOBITE emergency cutting tool.

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Review from Public Safety Divers & Water Rescue Personnel

Public Safety Divers and Paramedics say, “When performing a live rescue, the EEZY CUT is our 1st choice as it easily cuts through rope, net, webbing, seat belts & clothing”

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TRILOBITE Makes the DIVER Magazine 2014 Gear Guide

DIVER Magazine’s 2014 Gear Guide calls the TRILOBITE, “The must have cutting tool for every diver.”

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Review in Blue Skies Magazine

Blue Skies Magazine says, “No matter how you pick it up and start slicing and dicing in an emergency, you have a better chance of having a knife in a usable direction in your hand. It’s like having two hook knives in one!”

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Review on DIVER Magazine

DIVER Magazine says, “Overall a market leading product that every diver should have on their person during a dive. Maybe even two. Cheap, tough, available in a range of colours and one of the most effective emergency cutting tools around. We highly recommend the EezyCut Trilobite as an essential piece of dive safety gear.”

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Review on UpaDowna

The reviewer from UpaDowna says, “I have been ‘wowed’ as well and now carry this on all of my adventures!”

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