Frequently Asked Questions


We carry 3 pouches so we can serve more clients needs. However, the harness pouch accounts for the vast majority of our sales, and is what we consider our standard pouch.

The flexi pouch, and the wrist pouch are intended for specialist uses. The wrist pouch is useful for those who intend to use the tool frequently, but then, many also find the harness pouch also works well on the wrist, especially with the bigger gauges.

The flexi pouch is intended for side mount use. Very often side mount equipment needs a lot of adjusting, and the flexi pouch provides another option to those who don’t want take apart their equipment. It is not as substantial in construction as the harness or wrist pouch, and is it’s intention.

2. Why are the tools in the EEZYCUT online store more expensive than the retail stores?

We price our tool marginally higher in our on line store, as we try to encourage people to shop local and support the store that supports their sport. However, not all tool colors are carried by every store, and so we make ourselves available for purchase, as well as for other merchandise. We also sell internationally. Asking your local dive store to stock them, will solve the problem.

3. Why 9 color combinations?

EEZYCUT sells mostly into the diving industry. But we also cater to a variety of other sporting and non sporting industries that also have different color codes. We also sell into the far east, where color tastes and protocol are very different.

We are also conscious of making variety available to our customers, and for property identification. We try and make most of our tools two tones in color. This is because it is a two sided tool, and the two tone color identifies which side is most frequently used.

The pink tools were special edition only, and so really there are just 7 color combinations.